What We Do - BREAK consulting
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Listen, Love and Lead


BREAK consulting believes that change, in people & organisations, is possible if you:


  • Listen to the person – the client, the team member or the stakeholder.
  • Love the person – build a relationship of trust, and thereby:
  • Gain permission to Lead – through insights, actions and and straight talking.


Clients want to know how much you care before they care how much you know!


We deliver organisational change through projects and contracts with:


  • An agile mindset.
  • Constant line of sight to the outcome.
  • Designing the whole operating model ‘diamond’ – processes, people and management systems.
  • Co-creation with our clients.


Our approach adjusts to changing project, contract and stakeholder management circumstances.

In changing organisations, the Operating Model ‘diamond’ (originally from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT90 framework) helps to defines the context of the external environment as well as the content of the organisation (including strategy, structure, processes, people and their roles, culture, metrics and technology). It’s a holistic model which has the shape of a baseball ‘diamond’ (with the internal environment being the infield and the external environment being the outfield).


Imagine a throw-around play in a baseball ‘diamond’, where all the action starts from the middle with the processes (or the pitcher). Other positions are then brought into play in response to the pitch, with technology (the catcher at the home plate), people’s roles (third base), management systems (second base), and culture (first base) all playing their part to produce the outcome.